Oil Burner Control Lal-2.25


Products Descriptions:

Siemens Burner Sequence controllers offer fully integrated control in a single module, saving valuable floor space over non-integrated systems which is part of Burner Management Systems. There are various models available with different specifications for various applications Oil Burner Controllers & Gas Burner Controllers . Each system is designed to meet or exceed the reliability and safety requirements of the industrial heating industry.The burner controls are used for the start up, supervision and control of oil, gas burners in intermittent operation. Yellow burning flames are supervised with photo restive Photocells, blue burning with blue-flame sensors, UV Flame Detectors. As Burner Spares & Boiler Spares various Models of Burner Controls are popular in heating industry.

OIL BURNER CONTROL LAL-2.25 With or without air pressure supervision for checked air damper control. Flame supervision with photo receptive detector QBRB1 or blue-flame detector QRC1 or selenium photocell detector RAR. LAL can be universally used with multistage or modulating burners and suited for use with stationary heaters.

Automatic oil firing device (for intermittent operation)
For unlimited performance (> 30 kg oil /h)
Mains voltage mains frequency:
220 V – 15% … 240 V + 10%, 50 … 60 Hz ± 6%

Siemens  LAL1.25 220-240v Control Box

Oil Burner Controls

  • With Or Without Air Pressure Supervision For Checked Air Damper Control
  • Flame Supervision
  • With Photoresistive Detector QRB1…
  • Or Blue-Flame Detector QRC1…
  • Or Silicon Photocell Detector RAR9…


  • For The Control And Supervision Of Oil Atomization Burners
  • For Burners Of Medium To High Capacity
  • For Intermittent Operation (At Least One Controlled Shutdown Every 24 Hours)
  • Can Be Universally Used With Multistage Or Modulating Burners
  • Suited For Use With Stationary Air Heaters

Model : LAL2.25