One of the most common faults that occur with pumps, alternator, armature, etc. is that the motors that they use burn out. If this happens, the easiest and most effective solution is to replace the motor. However, this is no the case with older motors with special shafts and cannot be replaced so easily. This means a rewind needs to be carried out to get it working again.

Rewinding an electric motor and alternator isn’t a simple task; it is a very specialized skill. The correct terminology for rewinding a motor and alternator is stator winding. Rewinders tend to use the existing windings of the motor to gather the data such as its connections, turns on each coil and copper sizes.

We “Pak Marine Engineering Works” are specialists in repairs and rewinds. We have many years of experience in all aspects of electrical windings from small DC drive motors and pumps to large AC Motors, both Single Phase motors and 3 Phase motors. Our range of products include all aspects 110v 240v and 415v, 690V motors, pumps and generators.

Motors and alternator up to 800 Kw of motor and alternator 1.7 Mw are wherever possible for rewinding on emergency basis day / night work.

All our Motor and Alternator Rewinds are produced to replicate or exceed the specification, dimensions and quality of the original manufacturers winding