Flying Team Squad:

We provides our technicians for repair of marine vessels on Largest Ship Repair Yards, Marine Technical Companies, Fleet Technical Management Companies, New buildings Shipyards, and Dry-Docking facilities worldwide


Our Ship Repair Team or Flying Team Squad can provide services to all over the world for major overhauls and emergency repairs carried out by our service engineers, available 24 hours-round-the-clock.


Our sea-going teams are able to carry out repairs en route. Others are constantly on standby and can travel to any port for on-the-spot repairs.


Repairs En Route:

Our Ship Repair Team or Flying Team Squad can perform ship repairs and maintenance, based on speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency.


Our Ship Repair Team or Flying Team Squad service agreements include:

  • Work list, repair manual and general briefing of squad, prior departure from our assigned for the job Project manager
  • For special works and long term contracts, we ensure the training of our Technicians with same equipment that we are going to use on board vessels (such us water, sand or air-blasting and painting for en-route operations, extensive Aluminum, and Stainless steel welding processes, etc) in order to guarantee maximum performance, and quality.
  • Safety clothes, shoes and other requested equipment requested
  • Primary medical insurance for all squad
  • Local Transportation to/from airport.
  • Air Travel ticketing, accommodation and catering exclusively for our squads provide by Owner.
  • Various Manufacturers, and International institutions, for welding processes, cranes, navigational and equipment, any type of technology for measurements, etc.
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