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At Pak Marine Eng. Works we assure talent is well-placed and treasured to optimize credibility From jobs to career growth opportunities to Apprenticeships.

The Pak Marine Eng. Works team makes these your lives’ most memorable and enlightening experiences. We welcome all ambitious and talented individuals desirous of working at a prestigious institution of Merchant Navy where they shall be provided opportunities to shine. Combining today’s modern concepts of team collaboration, collective effort, and with a healthy, balanced and empowering work environment.

Pak Marine Eng. Works successfully caters to the needs of its workforce.   Our core values revolve around mutual respect and integrity, teamwork, creativity, and empowerment!   Depending upon the required credentials, prospective hires are welcome to experience the Culture of commitment, respect, hard work, undying support and supervision.

Pak Marine Eng. Works is not just an equal opportunity employer, but also a platform enabling the collective sharing of creativity and innovative minds. We take pride in providing a challenging work environment where the best graduates and highly experienced senior personnel are well-placed. Employees are granted numerous opportunities to enhance their professional as well as soft skills. These opportunities include trainings based upon modern employee motivation models of Merchant Navy. Our workforce is not only well recognized and rewarded in the industry but also incentivized internally as well.   For those who seek pre-graduate work experience and knowledge.

Pak Marine Eng. Works offers its competitive Apprenticeship Program. While the program is not restricted to it is meant to provide the best possible learning concepts in an attempt to aid their career development. Fresh graduates & diploma holders are also welcome to apply for the Apprenticeship program which is headed by supervisors from each department who consistently mentor interns in order to make the Apprenticeship a complete professional experience. The Apprenticeships are paid, and usually project-based up to 6-8 Months in duration, where, great emphasis is laid upon instilling strong individual ethics amongst interns.

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